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Review Guideline

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Review Guideline Empty Review Guideline

Post by Hillybilly on Thu Nov 05, 2009 1:41 am

Please be creative but still use this guideline when creating your review.

Name Of Game: (name of game being reviewed goes here)

Type Of Game: (type of game being reviewed goes here)

Game Rating: (Ex. E, T, M, Ao, etc...)

Developed By: (Ex. Ubisoft, Zipper, etc.)

Game Engine: (Ex. Unreal, tri-Ace)

Release Date:

Console: (What console its on)

Achivements or Trophies: (total amount of Gamerpoints or trophies its worth.)

Online: (is it online or an offline game)

Overall Rating: (what rating you gave it out of 10)

Grafic Rating: (how were the grafics?)

Sound Rating: (what was the sound quality)

Storyline Rating: (how was the games back story?)

Summary: (a breif over view of the game and what it has to offer)

Ups and Downs: (what did you like about it, what didnt you like about it)

Screenshots: (if you have screenshots of this game, put them here with a brief description of each one)

Reviewed By: (your gamertag or id goes here)

Review Guideline Chad

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