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COD4 Glitches (PS3)

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COD4 Glitches (PS3)

Post by xxwildmanxx on Sun Oct 12, 2008 6:27 pm

top the roofs in showdown

this glitch is for stupid ppl

the center court yard in showdown u should see some scaffolding u can get on from the second floor when u get on there in old school u can jump on too roof u can explore u can go to all of them from there

u can also do in reg mode u just need another person to crouch in that corner

there is also a spot to fall under the map but it is hard to explain so just keep looking for it
u will KNOW when u find it lol

Pipe glitch in pipeline

the missels under grong in pipeline that r fenced in if you get in the ledge and laydown look away from the fence you can wiggle in backwards and go behind the fence where the missles are!

Top of Missles in Countdown

go to the front or the missles and jump on the front end that sticks out then step back and run jump and crouch
u will b on middle of missel then go to edge where u almost fall off and then u can walk edge to get to the back then the rest is easy just walk up missels

Top of Gated steps in Bloc/top of pool house


anyway there are three sets of steps that have gates on them u can get on them steps and they go up like
15 stories

go to the side close to the building and if you r in old school mode u can do this easy just stand next too and jump and crouch at the same time u do right u should go in and nothing else should stop u from going up 15 floors or so

if u are on ne other kind of play u need 2 people one needs to crouch next to the and the other needs to jump on there head and jump crouch agine and u should do the same

if u do on the one next too the pool house go to the second floor from the top and get on the back corner away from building u should see a sign on top the pool house last word is TAPHKY if u look down there is a light post u dont need to anything but walk off towards and u will land on then u can jump from there too the H in the taphky word on top pool house

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