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Rules for the clan: READ

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Rules for the clan: READ Empty Rules for the clan: READ

Post by Hillybilly on Wed Nov 04, 2009 7:05 pm

1] Always put 100% towards the clan, and play with KILLAZ.INC above all else.

2] Activity on the site is mandatory, that means more than just
checking the portal page. And also, you are required to post as well.

If you own socom 3 or CA and have your PS2 hooked up to the internet,
it is mandatory that you play with us on scheduled SOCOM days.

4] KILLAZ.INC comes first!

4.5] KILLAZ.INC is your ONLY clan, We dont want clan whores, either KILLAZ.INC or Nothing!

5] Negligence of these rules will get you kicked out.

6] Listen to your superiors, and comply every time!

7] Do not fight with your own clan mates, that's just childish and we aren't that kind of clan.

8] You are required to play during scheduled practice, scrimmage, and competing times.

9] If you own Call Of Duty 4, you need to sign up for Game Battles as we will be competing on the next season.

Not following these simple rules will get you kicked out of the clan, with more punishment as determined by us.


-Quoted on Dec 6, 2008 at 11:36pm CST-

Rules for the clan: READ Chad

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