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grand theft auto IV

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grand theft auto IV Empty grand theft auto IV

Post by xxwildmanxx on Mon Dec 08, 2008 10:02 pm

Game Title: Grand Theft Auto IV

Consoles: PS3, X360

Players 1 and online play with some kool game modes jack city is my fav

Summary: In Grand Theft Auto IV you take control of a newly arrived immigrant from Eastern Europe named Niko Bellic. You meet up with your cousin Roman who moved to Liberty City a few years before Niko. Niko is searching for someone who did wrong to him previously, and needs to get revenge on. Throughout the story you meet people, make relationships, kill lots of people, and attempt to live 'the American dream' as many others have. the online features is what makes this game like car jack city is where you and the others go after marked cars and bring back with least damage sometimes has drugs in and that just means more cash!!

Graphics: 7/10.

Grapihcs Description
Grand Theft Auto IV can be called many things, but graphically stunning is not one of them. The environments look awesome, with cool lighting, and shadows that actually look realistic! But the character models make it all go to hell. They aren't absolutely terrible, but compared to other games they lack a lot. Long story short, don't buy Grand Theft Auto IV for the graphics.

Gameplay: 9/10
The controls are more intuitive, and realistic than previous games.
New physics system is awesome!
Sometimes people think it is 'too realistic.'
Some features from San Andreas have been taken away such as character, and car customization.

Gameplay Description:
Gameplay has been changed a fair amount from previous GTA games, ever since GTA 3 gameplay has really stayed pretty much the same. A new physics system has been added for more realistic effects of ramming people into the pavement! Although a lot has been upgraded, it feels like something is missing that was there in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, something special. You can't really go on as huge of killing sprees as you could previously. and the airplains and really the parachute!!loved them damn things!

--Overall: 8.6/10--

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